Feb 26, 2012


After seeing the Oscar nominated film Hugo by Martin Scorsese, I remembered what my meditation teacher said in one of our weekly meetings before. Regardless of how old or how accomplished you are, your dreams will always chase you and put you where you really belong. She has said it with so much conviction that one can only tell that she learned it from experience, the hard way probably.

Simply put, Hugo revolves around the story of this abandoned kid who was able to spark back the passion in the life of an aging film director. The film is very personal and moving. I especially liked the mostly orange and blue cinematography, and the way they used the images of mechanical objects like the clocks and the robot to bring out the humane.

So far, I've only seen two out of the ten nominated film in the Oscars this year! It will be this coming Monday already and I'm crossing my fingers that Hugo will bag lots of awards!

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