Feb 26, 2012

For Good

My routine for the past weeks has been the cause of increasing hair loss. After 9 hours of banking work in Binondo, I travel to Paragon Plaza in Mandaluyong to help my mom and her friends stabilize their health and beauty company where I go home around 10pm to even 12 midnight. During weekends, I meet constantly with James and Mike for our campus merchandise business, and meet the team of Manila Kid for our book and the online magazine. That online magazine and the book we're writing can actually consume my week's worth of energy on their own. Of course, time for friends and family is allotted from time to time.

That hectic schedule has been the source of why I wanted to RESIGN. Yikes, that word scares the hell out of  employers, especially if it comes from a valued EMPLOYEE (yuck, I hate that word). My college friend actually told me that I'm just wasting my time in a bank. But after our revalida and the events that took place after Valentine's day, I reconsidered my stand.

Well, I realized that the reason why I wanted to work in a formal company (by formal, I mean that I have to be under certain rules like coming to work at 8:30am) is that I needed some discipline which the bank can provide. Uhm, but seriously, it has gotten more interesting in the bank right now, if you know what I mean.

It has gotten so interesting because of the people, like a suspense novel in real life. I won't give so much detail but if you've been following my posts for the past days, you know what's this about. So yeah, I'll be staying in the bank for good, or until the real life novel has prematurely ended. I even added on facebook some of my office friends.

Anyway, these are the mandatory outfit shots with my brother yesterday in Power Plant. The last three photos were taken in my mom's office in Paragon, and yes they are still renovating the place. Will show you the completed work place once it's done.

On me: Fendi cuff, Marc Jacobs bag, Sebago loafers
On my brother: Zara blazer, Topman pants, Commes des Gacon sneakers

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