Feb 6, 2012

We Won't Fade Into Darkness

This is Zone Magazine's last issue under Adrian Gonzales. Words won't do justice to what they did to this issue, so i'll let the pages speak for itself.

The one page that had me staring for more than 3 minutes is below. I'm currently having a severe obsession to this work by Ariel Magyawe. It's freedom at the expense of others. Very powerful work! I wish I can have my own copy so I can hang it on my wall:)) It's like the artist crafted my feelings or something!

For me, art has always been an escape - from the bitter reality and from the delusion that everything is alright. It serves as a refuge, but more effectively, it disturbs us. We won't fade into darkness thanks to art, thanks to Zone Magazine.

You can check out the full issue HERE.

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