Feb 4, 2012

Weekly Boosts of Inspiration

After graduation, I promised that whichever direction I went, my appetite for life won't be killed. It's more challenging than I expected especially after getting employed (of all the industries available out there) in a (gasps) bank - the summit of corporate slavery. In Cebu, one of my friends asked, "masaya ba sa bank?" and I said yes. Then Justin tactlessly blurted out, "linoloko mo lang sarili mo." That really affected me up to now.

Yesterday, I went to the Ateneo Development Sector job fair. I wasn't exactly looking for a new job since I was just there to support my friend's NGO, but I was fortunate enough to meet Dave who works for this US firm that provides corporate social responsibility solutions to multinationals like HP. It's more than just good corporate image because these multinationals are slowly realizing that if they'd help efforts like poverty reduction and environmental protection, it will greatly benefit them in the long run.

Two years ago, he was referred to by one of his college professors who's also into corporate social responsibility. I told Dave that his job was to die for! "It's like working for Anna Wintour!" (without the fashion). I didn't know what I meant by that but I was really thrilled to hear a guy who's involved in really making a difference with the support of a big firm. 

I have to make the most of this dire situation (well, not that dire since I'm also involved in three more fulfilling initiatives), but I don't want to have the risk of having the bank drain all my inspiration and appetite for life. So every week, I'm challenging myself to look for something inspirational may it be through plays, movies, finishing a book, traveling or meeting very random people.

Going back to the Ateneo yesterday reminded me of how much I really loved passion. I'm not sure if that's even possible but I can't think of a more concrete definition. It's not enough to say I'm just passionate (because I might have overused that word). It also made me realize that the world has so much to offer. It may not be possible to embrace all of it, but at least we should try to get the best of it (relative to who we are.)

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