Feb 27, 2012

In Black and White

My bitterness can be explained by the black and white photos which Mikey took when we went to Baguio several months ago. Bitter because our maid was able to watch the flower studded floats in Session Road while I just stayed in Manila during the weekend.

Baguio has to be my number one favorite city in the country. Not only because I'm a mountain person (more than a beach type). Even though the facade of Baguio looks very old (without the monolithic SM) it was able to maintain its quintessential shops and culture - from art to food. It is a city bursting with culture, if you know where to look! And the weather there is one of the few places in the Philippines where you can wear fur anytime of the year!

Although the photos below were taken randomly, I arranged them so that they'd tell a story...

Hope my friends and I can visit Baguio once again this summer!

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