Feb 5, 2012

One Brotherhood, One Gathering

I was shocked when Bro. Juvelan told me that he saw a group of people from Laguna who went to Don Bosco as early as 9am to look for our products! The event was supposed to start at around 6pm so we went there to set up at around 5pm. Our whole team was overwhelmed that even before we brought out our products, people came over asking for the jackets! 

Below is a picture of how long the line was even before we started selling. People were buying in bulks! In DB Makati, we sold out in 2 hours, but for DB Manda, the jackets were gone in just 20 mins! We were very much sorry for the people who traveled far just to buy our merchandise. We promise to stock more in the next events!

I love that I was able to study in an all boys school. You can really feel the brotherhood: there's a certain commonality that I share with these people regardless if they are 20 or 30 years older than me. Even though technology has changed the environment, the core similarities are still present, like maybe the constant search for something fun, daring and stupid thing to do. 

Who doesn't love twins!? This is one of my favorite photos of the night!

One of the highlights of the event was when the sponsoring batch gathered in the stage to sing their alma mater song. You can see that all of them are beaming. Probably memories of distant past are running in their heads while singing the song. Maybe I'm still too young to appreciate that, it will come with age.

They also gave batch 1962 recognition! It has been 50 years since they graduated from high school! Imagine that! They did not forget to say a prayer to their batchmates who passed away.

I wonder how it's going to feel 25 years after my high school graduation? That's only less than 20 years from now, but I already miss my high school. It was more carefree back then, and maybe I had a better appreciation of the simpler things in life. I miss being just stupid and without having responsibilities to tie me down. Maybe if I'm rich enough, I'll organize an event where my batchmates and I can spend a day wearing our school uniforms and relearning the lessons we had with the same teachers. Who knows...

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