Feb 4, 2012

More Love from Cebu

It's been three weeks since that fateful Sinulog trip and you can't imagine how much I miss swimming in the beach with the whale sharks (we did with three of these amazing creatures!), drinking while walking in the streets and bathing ourselves in beer while dancing to some really good Republiq level beats!

When I was hanging out with my high school friend in Cebu, he kept on saying that the sales lady were very slow when processing your payments in the counters. This is the same behavior which I observed with the people there. They were all taking there time, not a lot of people are in a rush like what we see in Metro Manila, especially Makati. Don't get me wrong, it's not the provincial pace I'm talking about since Cebu is still a city. Having lived all my life in Metro Manila, I guess the stress level here is above average compared to the rest of the cities around the country. Maybe the normal stress level is in Cebu.

Anyway, these are some of the photos which I'd like to keep in my blog, for "future references."

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