Dec 6, 2010

Shopping for A Cause - Suit Yourself

It's that time of year again when bazaars flood the metro. Left and right, you can see micro businesses selling their one of a kind stuff and it's interesting that there are a lot of businesses centered on social entrepreneurship - meaning, they are selling for a cause.

Suit Yourself is a student run enterprise where they get people's chic blazers and turn them into bags with the help of mothers from Gawad Kalinga (a type of charity village here in the Philippines). 

The poor families of GK profit from this business. As Mike Magallanes said, "Fashion will save the world" and through Suit Yourself, that claim is slowly being realized.

Help complete the story of these bags. Here's their facebook page so you know where to find them:

One gray suit was donated by Jean Dy which was worn by her husband during their engagement. 

These are memories we want to cherish forever...

What's your story?

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Amanda said...

Awww. Thank you Neil! :) Youre the best!!!!