Dec 11, 2010

What's Keeping Me Busy

I usually blog every 2-3 days, but things have been getting more jam packed not because I have thesis or I'm too nerdy to care about my studies (because I almost don't). It's because of this National Conference - one of the most ambitious projects every conceived by any other student organization in the country.

Here's the picture in numbers: 400 Delegates Nationwide, More than 100 Speakers, Presenters and Discussion Moderators from 3 Major fields (Business, Politics, Environment), and everything will happen in 3 Days. For more details on this highfalutin event, visit our website (which I also designed.) 

Martin Roll, an international business strategist who's usually paid $25,000 to $35,000 (USD), will open this year's conference. He's really a big time speaker because he serves as a senior adviser to Fortune 500 companies and travels 500,000 miles every year just to talk to more than 100 top conferences around the globe.

And we didn't just get him through his website or through a friend. We met him sometime last semester and he wanted to talk for Ateneo-HPAIR because he believes we are a credible organization and he is one with our vision for the National Conference to be a venue for critical discourse and plural dialogue.

That's him during our meeting with him in Leong Hall eating ensaymada.

So if you are interested, visit our website and sign up now! Don't miss this opportunity to meet other youth leaders around the country. We do not offer just a national conference for business, for politics nor for environment. We have all three and we get the most credible speakers just for you because we believe in the youth as innovative leaders that will direct our country to a transformed society.

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