Dec 19, 2010

New Year's Wishlist

Since it's too late for a Christmas wishlist (my cousins are still asking me what I want for our exchange gift), I'm posting this New Year's Wishlist so people will have more time to prepare for my gifts.

1) GUN. For "self defense." My dad keeps two guns in his drawer for some reason and I kinda want to have one for emergencies like when my brother pisses me off or if the maid is too slow bringing coffee. I'm not sure if I'll get this for new year, but I do hope I'll have one on my graduation day or my 21st birthday. 

2) LEATHER SEATS. My dad had my car fixed - repainted (darker silver) and removed the scratch and mini dents. Sorry, low spatial intelligence here. I kinda want to complement it with new car seats so I'm saving up around 5k for this one from my Christmas "collections."

3) BADASS CAR SPEAKERS. Who doesn't need them? It keeps anyone sane during traffic and prevents you from going to road rage mode.

4) SET OF ACRYLIC PAINT. I'm running low on yellows and white, though I still have lots of greens and blues. Add to that new canvasses.

5) POETRY BOOK. Calms me better than movies and faster than painting.

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