Dec 28, 2010

Ending the Famine of Beauty One Step at A Time

It is one of our jobs to pulverize the school of bad promotions. I was talking to my counterpart in one of the orgs in campus on how horrible some print ads are. Sometimes I just want to get scissors, climb a ladder and slit the phantasmagorical tarpaulins. Seems like creativity have been raped out of people.

So we had this workshop to be given by two art directors from one of the leading advertising agencies in the world - BBDO Guererro. Their customers include FedEx, Bayan DSL, Visa, Pizza Hut, P&G, Unilever and more!

But during that day, it was raining really hard and they were late for an hour and thirty minutes - the workshop was also one hour and thirty minutes. Several people were already engaged to learn some tips and tricks in photoshop and some advertising techniques so... I had to stall. 

And I stalled for thirty minutes - probably the longest and most painful thirty minutes of my existence. I went on with explaining the different promo campaigns I did for our org like the Sucker for an Issue campaign. Promos should be engaging and with that campaign, they learn about different issues, eat/suck our promos and have a better recall of our org name.

Then people got bored so I shared what I learned from Paco Underhill's book, The Science of Shopping, regarding the do's and don'ts in advertising. It kinda worked for a while but people started to get bored.

In fairness, they all use Mac.

We then taught them brainstorming techniques like Mind Map. It's this exercise where you try to get out of the box and present something that is unique, fresh and innovative for an ad campaign.

For those who were interested to learn more from the pros, we invited them to come with us at Kenny Rogers because the art directors were there.

Quite a handful of our members, officers and guests went there to learn. It was more of a round table discussion so we were able to ask more questions, and we had better interactions with them.

Above right is Joyce. She's our project manager for this event and she did a great job finding us two awesome speakers. Her driver even picked up the directors and drove them back to BBDO!

I just wish more people went to the workshop because BBDO was mind blowing! In the end, the whole workshop turned out to be better than I expected:)

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