Dec 28, 2010

Lollipop Suckers

Thank you to everyone who sucked our 1,150 lollipops!

Attached in every lollipop are tags with trivias regarding Business, Politics and Environment. It is a way to promote international relations issues among the students and also a way to market our National Conference.

Dondie here was the first sucker of the day!:D

Freshmen English majors:D They were my OrSem babies.

Koreans! I love Koreans and their style!

Charlotte grabbed 4 lollipops for her friends!

Nisa and Justin, owners of Veggie Burgers.

Daniel, who was supposed to model for us. We'll use him in one of our ads soon.

People from the ateneo student council.

We gave the whole student council one lollipop each.

Mon and Abe.

Below is Mr. SOM and the grandson of FPJ, Brian.

Lester and Kevin.


The guy behind the idea.

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