Nov 23, 2010

First Ever National Environmental Conference

The ANECON is a three-day convention on climate change that targets student leaders involved in environmental initiatives or student council members from various colleges and universities around the Philippines. The conference would entail interaction between experts and participants, team building and outdoor activities, workshops, presentations, and resolution-building.


The Ateneo National Environmental Conference (ANECON) is envisioned to promote awareness of the various consequences posed by climate change and to integrate theoretical foundations and practical solutions into the role of the Filipino youth in addressing issues regarding climate change.

In this light, the ANECON seeks to formulate resolutions through (1) factual grounding and analyses from renowned experts in the field of environment; (2) interactive discussions and experiential learning; and (3) commitment building efforts embedded on actionable and result-oriented activities that the participant will undertake after the conference.

visit for more details, but please do hurry because the deadline for application would be this wednesday.

If you can't make it here, there's always the Ateneo-Harvard PAIR's 7th National Conference

For three days, with over 100 speakers invited from Chiz Escudero, to Karen Davila to Deither Ocampo, it will be the biggest and most prestigious conference in the country. Discussions will be divided into three main panels: Business, Politics and Environment.

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