Dec 19, 2010

Break Up Season

Is it me or does everyone know a friend or a relative who had a break up sometime around November to December? I know at least three people this year. There were a couple or two last year. I think it's not just a coincidence.

Last Saturday, we threw a party for our NSTP tutees and as we fixing the food and gifts, I saw this pretty girl with red eyes - crying her eyes out. On a not so far corner was this tall Chinese guy (talking to a bunch of Alabang boys) who also had red eyes. SCENE STEALERS! I was torn - should I watch the kids dancing "21" or that couple exchanging heated arguments?

Last week, they were cuddling so sweet in a classroom playing with the guy's "ipod" while we were listening to our formator talk about human rights and human dignity. So I was surprised by sudden turn of events.

And do I even have to write about what happened to the famous couple above?

Maybe it's the season's weather.

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