Dec 13, 2010

Soya Ice

Another thing that's keeping me busy these days is Soya Ice - soya based frappes that come in different flavors like Irish Cream, Choco Macadamia and my personal favorite, Vienna Coffee.  It's a business I'm running with my team although I'm not good with actually making product. I'm more of the marketing/promotions person, just like what I do with my org.

We tried to have a competitive advantage through our polar bear mascot/standee. A lot of people get attracted to our stall when they see the polar bear. They ask us to take pictures of them and this sort of acts like a marketing campaign.

Here's me in my most unflattering photo which i'll post here in my blog.

Right now our team is taking a rest from all that selling. We'll try to be back next year in more bazaars and hopefully have our own location in Emerald Drive near UA&P in Ortigas.

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