Dec 30, 2010

Fashion Will Save the World: SHIRTS WITH A CAUSE

Back in 2009, a team of senior high school students established this t-shirt company that aims to boost the spirit of Don Bosco (with at least a dozen schools in the Philippines) by designing shirts that exhibit the alma mater's culture and traditions. Since then, they have been touring high schools promoting their t-shirts and was even invited to speak in College of St. Benilde.

I personally know both of the founders: Mike (above right) was a high school friend and I invited him once to coffee. He has so much ideas and will power that when he wasn't able to secure the position as president of the student council, he might have channeled all his efforts to this project. James (above left) on the other hand is one of our dancers when he was still a freshman in high school. He was the one who placed me in the guestlist in the Seoularis bazaar and I see him from time to time in our church. 

A little bit of background: in high school, we are grouped into houses. Think of Hogwarts without the common rooms and magic. Each student has to take a test wherein they will be grouped according to their specialty and personality. I was the House Head during my time. The founders of this project and my class were all in the House of Caravario. So even if you are an alumni from ages ago, you will have a sense of "closeness" with other newly grads from the same house.

"Your Christmas will be merry enough for people not to greet you. But do you think that Christmas will also be merry for those children who live at the streets, or to those who dig through the garbage just to have something to eat? Some of them have not yet even touched a hamburger. These are the children that I'mABosco caters every Christmas through the "A DIFFERENT CHRISTMAS CAROL" – a mobile gift-giving project that roams around Metro Manila some nights before Christmas Eve, to bring food and other gifts to homeless individuals, and to bring them ONE simple WISH – a Merry Christmas."

They use part of their profit to buy food to distribute to street kids before Christmas. I wish they can get sponsors next time so that they can get the food and drinks for free - they can just advertise the companies in their facebook fan page with 1,800+ fans.

I don't know who the girl is below because there is definitely no girl in their class, but I like that they involve even their families and friends.

I think that we all have an innate desire to help others but we lack the opportunity or the venue that is convenient enough for us. I really admire their batch because amidst their busy schedules in their new schools, they still find the time to gather and do some good.

I'm scheduling a meeting with them to know more about how it all began, do some interviews and probably explore other opportunities on how to expand their initiative because they have so much potential. I'm very willing to help in designing, marketing or investing in their products, if they allow me.

Though I'm not sure if they are open to the idea of inviting other houses to join the initiative. If you ask me, I'm a bit hesitant as well because I frankly don't like the personality of some of the houses - I want to call it quality control if you know what I mean. I suggest they start their own projects since each house has a distinct talent and each house is good doing their own thing anyways.

The picture above is taken from our last high school reunion. This summer, we are planning another one and I'll try to push for this agenda to be discussed.

For me, their project is hitting three birds with one stone. Not only that you get to hype up the school spirit with the shirt designs, you also get to bond with your high school mates and even help the needy through social entrepreneurship.

-photos by Mike Gallego

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