May 28, 2010

Visions and Trends + Junjun Cambe

First of all, I'd like to thank designers Don Protasio and Enrico Carado for this season's show invites. I'd also like to thank Claudine Aquino for getting us in to every show last Thursday, and Sassy Lim for inviting us to dress and style the models of SoFA.

Here's some interesting collections during the fashion show Day 1:

“My Holiday 2010 collection is an ode to the great Alexander McQueen and to the iconic pieces of his different collections.” - Aries Lagat

I really love his finale piece - from the color to the cut. And the tailoring is exceptional.

“This collections’ mood is anchored on the ideas of reworking classic men’s clothing, with inspiration from cult classic manga, Naruto and the music of Floating Stone. The trench coats, waistcoat, biker jacket, button down shirt, and T-shirts are reconstructed and deconstructed via a play of reduction and layering using fabrics such as dense, loosely woven cotton, polycotton blend and jersey.” - Don Protasio

The intensity of his collection is palpable! Fierce!

I love the striking colors and interesting silhouettes.

"Ancient warlords and warriors melded with a modern futuristic twist provide inspiration for the key looks of my Holiday 2010 collection. Neo-Tribalism creates a wider and fiercer reinterpretation of tribal fashion with pieces that reference ancient cultures but incorporate futuristic elements via sculpted fabric details, armor-like embellishments, and gold metal studs on clean lines and silhouettes." - Enrico Carado.

He used very rich colors to highlight the intricate details. And by the way, Enrico Carado was my school mate before.

"My collection is inspired by Amelia Earhart and her 'can do' attitude. The pieces are feminine yet edgy and are made from a variety of materials such as lace, brocade, chiffon, gazar, shantung and tulle." -Happy Andrada

Her collection is very feminine and inspires flight!

"It's a homage to the showbiz and political icons of the Philippines! The entire collection is a play of textures and fabrics [such as] jersey, wool, Lycra, chiffon, silk and cotton. Presenting a mix of tailored and fluid lines, the pieces come in black, gray, ivory, beige and white with a splash of pop art featuring the most famous faces of the times." - Harley Ruedas

I find it very playful and it made me smile seeing Jejomar Binay and Imelda Marcos in a bag.

"A somber commingling of Middle Eastern decadence and Latin American romanticism marked Jun Jun Cambe's solo collection for Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010." -

Using strong featured models for striking pieces and bold prints was a key element in his collection.

- photos courtesy of and Oyen Rodriguez

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