May 12, 2010

Return of the Damned and the Defense of Noynoy

With the two fanged midget securing a seat in congress, appointing the next Chief Justice and having majority of the buwayas as her minions (voting her as the Speaker of the House), it may be possible that in around 2-3 years time, our government will be shifting to parliamentary - thus the return of the damned.

There are even rumors that Villar might secure a comeback as the senate president. If things would go as planned, Gloria will be able to exercise enough influence in the judicial and legislative departments and snatch the power from Noynoy.

The Supreme Court may favor some provisions in favor or Gloria or detrimental to Noynoy - this can start when they will not allow Biazon (LP) and/or Hontiveros (LP) to fill the remaining 22nd and 23rd spot in the senate. I'm not so sure with the 24th spot.

What will happen to our valiant president? He will be rendered powerless if Gloria's the plans run smoothly.

There's a catch - The Defense of Noynoy Aquino: 1) The people, 2) Drilon, and if all esle fails: 3) Federal Parliamentary


When Magsaysay was seated, he was able to pressure the Congress and the Senate to prioritize his bills because he got 70% of the people's votes. With enough popularity, can Noynoy pressure the Congress to prevent the shift of government?

The people might be dissatisfied with the first few years of the Aquino administration. "Anti-Aquino forces will not easily back down, but will muster enough forces to neutralize whatever gains Aquino will accomplish in his first years in office." The people might just push for charter change in favor of Gloria. (because honestly, Filipinos have short term political memory.)

Estrada will be a pivotal element to prevent this. Considering that he's still against Gloria, he will raise the masa and rally them to put an end to Gloria's moves, or at least prevent her from coming back to her former glory.

Noynoy in turn can also ask the support of the INC and the Catholic Church in his favor.


Villar doesn't have that 100% assurance that he'll be able to seat as the next Senate President.

"There will be six (6) Liberal party members in the new Senate, and seven (7) NP members, and two (2) Lakas-KAMPI members. PMP-UNO members will actually be three (3) Senators and the rest are "independents' or belong to "minority parties".
It seems that Villar will not get it because he only has ten (10) confirmed pro-Villar colleagues and the rest are simply anti-Villar. It will not be in the best interest of Villar if either Hontiveros or Biazon comes in since these candidates are obviously against him, especially Hontiveros who filed a graft case against him."

read Drilon is the Next Senate President for a more critical and complete analysis

As a close ally, Drilon most probably will make sure that the vision of his president (without sacrificing the interests of the people) will get implemented.

If Drilon successfully gets elected as Senate president, that will surely be very interesting because it will split the Congress into two (2) very powerful blocks: a Lower House dominated by Lakas-KAMPI/NP coalition members and a Upper House (Senate) dominated by Aquino allies.

A Drilon Senate presidency will prevent the sudden shift of the political/governing system from presidential to parliamentary. Drilon will be Aquino's strongest defender in the Senate. This will prevent the possible plan to dilute or make a diminution of the Office of the Presdient with the shift to parliamentary system.


There will be a clash between the Senate and the devil spawned Congress.

If a compromise is struck between and among contending elite groups, we will have a parliamentary federal system with a strong President and a ceremonial (?) Prime Minister like in Russia.

With the election of Aquino, and the possible election to the Senate presidency of Drilon, charter change, as envisioned by pro-Arroyo mafia allies will actually be frustrated.

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