May 3, 2010

Corporate Slave

"Fat, poor and drunk." We had our planning seminar last weekend at Tagaytay

and we were asked what the worst possible case one can be in after ten years and that's what I wrote. Others had more interesting answers: "working for Burger King, " or "in prison for sex, drugs and alcohol."

But there was this one answer that got me thinking: "corporate slave"

This might be the person who always works overtime in a job that he doesn't really like just for the sake of high salary. He is a slave because he can't do what he wants because money is his new master and disobeying or abandoning it is just unthinkable.

I wrote this because a lot of people are slaves of capitalism. Of course there are people who really enjoy their work and earn big bucks at the same time.

Right now, I think most college students are at this point of idealism, that everything would turn out to be how they planned it, until you enter the work force and the system gets the best of you.

And speaking of planning, I just hope everything turns out great for our org. I kept repeating to myself that this will be HPAIR's "Renaissance year", well at least for my Comm Dept, just because I know everything related to promotions will be beautiful, innovative and aggressive.

We'll see. Now, I need to make those 14 promo materials. And for a head's up, we'll be selling shirts. I told the graphic designer to make shirts that people will buy even if it's 1000php (although it won't be sold that expensive) and she said that she'll hand draw everything first then do graphic magic afterwards. Brilliant! Can't wait to see the designs!

Photos courtesy of Anna San Pedro

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Anonymous said...

haha! natawa ako sa Corporate Slave mo. It's true though in its every sense. The parents of my friends here once told me they always wanted to get out of their white-collared jobs.. they didn't really expound on their reasons, but I guess they're the same as the ones you mentioned.