May 7, 2010

A Change Of Course

After two years of attempting to shift out of BS Management (to either PolSci, European Studies, Art Management or Communications), I was finally able to fix all the paper works, and today marks a glorious day in the history of Economics department of the Ateneo.

(i can hear the trumpets playing at the background)

Reason for shifting: I'd like to say that "I'll be going to law school and I want to be backed up by a social science degree." I feel that the Management course being offered by the School of Management is not fit for my future studies.

The real reason: "Sorry, you are too stupid for Accounting, Statistics and Finance, that even though you have paid your tutors (one from Ateneo, one from Santa Clara University, USA [see their add below]) three thousand pesos per month, and even though you bought this magic calculator at the last minute, it still wasn't enough." And this is probably the first time that I admitted something this humiliating publicly.

Moving on . . .

If you're wondering if my graduation will get delayed, wonder no more because i'll be done with Ateneo by March 2011.

Compared with other universities where students are confined within a building of their course, I can still have my Management blockmates as my classmates in the some courses, so there's no difference - just for formality.

It's kinda sad, and at the same time refreshing! Feels like being born again without your navel being sliced.

Right now, I'm looking forward to May 10, my college graduation next year, Cats Musical, and Philippine Fashion Week.

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