May 21, 2010

Return of Royalty

Three to four years ago, there was this kid who always insisted to be called a royal title whenever his classmates would address him - me. I kinda created these royal titles, a monarchy in our high school classroom, to establish a sense of order and class - distinguishing our section above those lowly "commoners" as I used to call them before. A bit delusional, yes. But effective and fun! Even the Student Council president, at one point, addressed me by my royal title! Haha!

The royals occupied the two front rows at the right side of the classroom, so that whenever someone enters, they'll immediately notice how the classroom looks prim, proper and smells good (considering we're an exclusive boys school). We even sometimes give away those blue Gatsby oil control films so that everyone would look oil-less on their faces.

I think there even came a point when the royal appointees were more dominating over the official class officers. It's like the classic clash between monarchs and politicians.

We needed status symbols so I carried a feathered pen and I always bring a ribbon whenever my Physics teacher asks me to write something on the board. Incense was a common thing in our classroom, and I had this golden masked made with an embossed dragon. (That's my mask below with the dragon - i still have the mask hanging at my room)

I just watched the the Young Victoria, a film about the teenage queen and how she struggled with her new duties. I'm not going to talk about the plot, i'm more concerned and intrigued with how they acted - the lifestyles and clothes of the royals. And this movie reminds me of the royals back in high school.

So, as impractical as you may think of it, i'm going to buy these long hand seals, feather calligraphy pens, red, silver and gold wax. (Sribes - Eastwood Mall)

What are they for, you might ask. Well, to write my letters to people and other orgs! To add that touch of class and creativity. This year, I'm collaborating with Management Information System Association and the Loyola Film Circle for workshops and I'd like to hand written my messages instead of those boring printed letters.

And to really get into that mood of medieval royalty, i have lighted my room with red candles! Haha! Honestly, the 13 paintings in my room (8 were made by me, the 5 were bought / given as gifts) look really good in candle light! You should try it!:D

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Julián Marcial said...

Exclude me from those who called you at your own self-proclaimed royal name. I can't even remember what the heck is your royal name back then. :))