May 24, 2010

No One Ugly Allowed

It’s that time of the year again when sartorial virtuosity is accumulated in five days. When the kingdom of appearances is celebrated by a court of fashion industry people. And the sea of silhouettes are patterned by geometric planes and fluid waves — made bouyant by architectural severity on feet.

Excuse me while I spout excessive adjectives in poetry, I can’t help it. It’s Fashion Week. Yay!

- Daryl Chang

Things to be excited about:

An intern from the School of Fashion and Arts invited me and my brother to dress and style the models for their SoFA collection. Isn't that awesome!? We'll be ustusan and alila for a day! Haha! Can't wait!

There's also this meet up from young stylists / chitopians around the Metro (originally around the country but those from Davao, Pampanga... can't make it)

I'm really interested in meeting these people because I'm sure they emit this radiance of chicness and creativity and I'm a sucker for artsy people.

One last thing: my diet. I'm stuck with a melon-lettuce-skyflakes-soup diet for the rest of the week. I cannot afford to gain any weight because i won't fit in my navy blue velvet coat.

This will be an awesome week! Now I have to check if those harem pants I ordered were layered enough.

P.S. Thanks to our awesome sponsors: Enrico Carado, Don Protasio and School of Fashion and the Arts.

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Charleston said...

you've got a great and insightful blog. great to see more men blogging!