May 5, 2010

Law School and Other Plans

Something's bugging me, so literal that a salagubang attacked me during my polsci class. How does Law School sound to you? Intimidating, Elle Woods and Rockwell are the first three things that come to my mind. Or the face of my balding law professor who gave me a C which I totally do not deserve!

"People who think they have invisible butterfly wings don't deserve to go to Law School." - quoting my brother when I asked his opinion.

The idea of me going to law school is like sending Karl Lagerfeld to military school or Kim Jong-il shopping for Roberto Cavalli. If I learned anything from Paolo Coelho, it's that omens are there for a reason and it's unwise to just put them aside.

My omens: Legally Blonde the musical will be shown staring my favorite actress Nikki Gil, that salagubang in polsci class, my mom pestering and bribing me with the idea of law school, and me stopping to think that I somehow have invisible butterfly wings.

Not convinced? Me too. But there's this wanting coming from within. This is not one of my 5 minute grand ideas. I can imagine myself with a birkin on my right hand and a thick book on international law on the left, in navy blue blazer and white cropped shorts.

Seriously, it's either I go to Ateneo Law School or take a Masters degree in International Affairs at Columbia University (if i get a scholarship) or get a Masters degree International Economics at London School of Economics (if the gods are good to me.) If all else fails, there's Nostradamus' 2012.

I'm writing this down so as not to forget my goals. Will probably spend 4 months of my graduation in charity/volunteer and tour for my ecovillage work, the next 2 - 3years under the mercy of capitalists (for "experience"), the next 4 years completing my "further studies" and writing a book about dreams (as in panaginip), then politicize my way to becoming a diplomat or even a seat in UN! And you heard that first from this humble little blog;)

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