May 20, 2010

Fashion SOS

I've got a former fashion magazine intern and a School of Fashion and the Arts intern to find me this shoulder drape piece by Ziggy Savella but nada. You have to order it or something. It might take too much waiting for the order and Philippine Fashion Week FW2010 is just around the corner.

I also can't ask the help of Will Valeriano (undergrad fashion designer from Benilde) because he won't talk to me. I wasn't able to mail him the picture of the suit and pants he made for me so BV siya.

So I've scoured the malls looking for something similar and still no luck. So, dear readers, if you find anything similar to this one, kindly inform me:)

I'm attending 3 shows (around this 15 designers) this PFW:)

photo courtesy of Karl Leuterio


toxic disco boy said...

friend! nagpagawa kami ni karl niyan from ziggy. haha. brown kanya gray akin. gow pagawa ka na rin!

hey go watch Don Protasio's show for the visions and trends collection. 15 designers. may 26 5.30 at the smx... i have a lot of invites. gow na!

Neil Palteng said...

hey mike! cge go kami ni jonard (manilakid)! pano kita macocontact? my email is