May 30, 2010

Of Colors, Drapes and Some Theatric Modeling

Four shows, thirty seven designers, Wilma Doesnt on a Sisa-inspired modeling act, Lady Gagita + Haronce and Manila's own version of the triumvirate (Akihiro, Daniel and Fabio). Day 2 of fashion week was more intense - as intense as Adre Chang's attire.

Arnold Galang's collection was a mix of eclectic prints and drapes - something that I'm looking for in a Holiday Collection for a tropical country. Simply beautiful!

It kinda reminds me of more refined dresses from the late Alexander McQueen. And the choice of colors were very tasteful!

This mini dress by John Paras was well crafted and that belt added sophistication for an overall work of beauty. I just wonder how many peacocks were plucked to have that dress made! Haha!

This Pablo Cabahug's blue dress on Wilma Doesnt was phenomenal - a fresh break from his neutral dresses. It kinda reminds me of an ancient princess or a Helen of Troy with a personality fit for a warrior.

Another one of those beautifully draped pieces.

If you'd notice my style, I opt for pieces with movement and Simon Ariel Vasquez brings to the table these unconventional silhouettes for guys who like movement and volume.

I'd totally buy this piece! I'm not sure if you can see it in the picture but although there was draping, I still find it manly. Haha!

Another collection that I enjoyed was Ziggy Savella's probably for its uniqueness. I'm not sure though. His colors were subtle and the fabric he looks very organic and breezy.

This piece by Ulysses King is just stunning - very detailed patterns hug the body in the right places, and he couldn't have picked a better color! The outfit can stand alone without the parachute-umbrella accessory.

If I were to go to a formal event, I'd go to Ulysses King for this piece! Very fine tailoring and cut.

Bang Pineda channeled James Bond for his creation. Here he is with his muse Rayver Cruz.

The Triumvirate:

Daniel Matsunaga

Akihiro Sato

Fabio Ide

I love this piece by Tina Daniac! Very sultry and the color against the lace has a very "spicy" flavor. Fierce!

Tina Daniac's second part of the show was very theatrical. And this won't work without the Sisa performance of the amazing Wilma Doesnt. Superb!

A modern and harassed version of Maria Clara.

The effect of overlapping sheer cloths create this cloudy volume and surprisingly, it still looks sexy.

I just noticed that Ria Bolivar's face is very prominent in this post. By the way, before I forget, Lady Gagita and Haronce were there!

Awesome thursday night!

-photos by Oyen Rodriguez, Karl Leuterio and Style Bible

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