May 28, 2010

Unexpected Twists

Who knew that Lady Gagita and Haronce would be in the Bang Pineda and Tina Daniac fashion show? From my seat, I saw the weirdest bright blue headpiece on top of those golden hair. I can't believe it! Why were they here? For publicity?

I even thought they're going to steal the show! Thank heavens they remained in their seats. If you don't know them, they're the dynamic duo who parodied the Te-te-te-telephone video.

But they were really funny! Especially Haronce who looked kinda lost all the time:D Kudos to them since those two have the balls to put up a costume like that!;)

I was seated at the second row trying to preserve my most stoic face (with a slight pout) when a small gasped escaped me. There on the runway was my high school batch mate modeling for Arnold Galang!

He used to be fat and short during our elementary days so I certainly did not expecting him to be a runway model. More importantly, he's the only male model in the whole Premier A collection, although he could still use a walking coach since he's a bit stiff down the runway.

Speaking of former acquaintances, we were about to leave SMX last night when I saw thin pale skinny guy with this fierce maong vest and heavy eyeliner smoking heavily at the exit. I realized it's one of my closest friends during elementary - Karl Samia.

You may call us "partners in crime," but a lot of things happened - he transfered to another school and we kinda lost connection. He gave me a friendly hug, I gave him my cell number and that was it.

Just a suggestion Karl: A lot of people drink then drive, what you should avoid is drinking vodka straight from the bottle while driving! Baka matapunan ang shinny blazer mo, sayang. Haha! Till we meet again:D

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