May 28, 2010

Starvation Nation

I don't know how they do it, but a doughnut cannot sustain a living creature from 1pm until 9am the next day. I was forbidden to eat from 4pm to around 11pm last night because we were watching collections from the fashion week and my brother said that fashion people don't eat.

Fine, I won't eat then. I wish I was like Cole Mohr, effortlessly fierce and thin.

After the shows around 11pm, we just went to Krispy Kreme, grabbed a doughnut and Gatorade, then went home straight to bed.

This morning, I woke up with a serious migraine because I hadn't survived that long without food. (A doughnut is calories disguised as food.)

We weren't able to take some pictures during Day 2 because the camera went dead after the Bang Pineda and Tina Daniac show.

These were pictures from Day 1:

with my brother

with Anne

with Sassy

The collection this year, based from the first 2 days, were better compared to last year. Will write about outstanding collections later.

I still have a lot of stuff to do before this week ends. Tomorrow, I'll attend two birthday parties, and on Sunday, I'll be dressing and styling models at 10am for SoFA, then we'll be watching the shows again from 1pm until the end on Michael Cinco's collection (around 10:30pm).

I'm a bit sick today so I might take a day off.

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