Jan 28, 2011

Pusong Resiklo

I'm proud that the organization we established after I graduated from high school is now a partner of one of the biggest environmental gatherings in the country. ANECON (Ateneo National Environmental Conference) is a three day event on climate change that targets student leaders involved in environmental initiatives or student council members from various colleges and universities around the Philippines.

I was supposed to join, but I've exhausted all my cuts in my NSTP which is the same day as the conference (and I can't afford to extend another year.) I've been attending tons of seminars and conferences (local and international) on these topics and I'm not sure if ANECON would offer something new. I think the conference is very intellectual, what I'm looking for is something spiritual to create a foundation that will drive environmentalism from the core of a person to sustain the momentum and passion for mother Earth. 

Pusong Resiklo is actually a thesis of my former "spiritual moderator" when she got her Masters Degree in Brazil (her graduation was even held in India.) My group and I were the ones who pushed for her to continue her project because it responds to the call of the time and it would benefit a lot of people. She was ridiculed by her colleagues because she teaches Ecological Theology, but we are always there to support her.

Pusong Resiklo has also partnered with College of St Benilde for their tree planting activities.

She sometimes invite me to chat and even be a panelist in a website development class for Pusong Resiklo. I've known all the past presidents of this organization and I believe that it will keep improving:) Mrs. Christy Vista and I have now been friends for almost seven years.

By the way, I really don't approve their logo. Haha!

To know more about the conference, http://enaescanan.net/anecon2010/

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