Jan 26, 2011

Branding Genius

What's the difference between an iPod and an MP4 player you can buy from Shanghai, or even Greenhills? They both play good music and video, and they may even have the same capacity. But what allows iPod to peg its product at a very high price and still people would line up hours outside an Apple store just to have one of their latests.

Martin Roll can't stress enough the importance of branding. It is the brand that drives people to want your product because owning an iPod allows you to be part of the "iPod club." It creates a certain exclusivity. Asian firms have been slowly taking advantage of making strong brands especially in the gadget world.

"Martin Roll is a world-renowned thought-leader on value creation through brand equity driven by tremendous global experience and insights. He facilitates business leaders and organizations to think bold for future strategies. By focusing on building and managing successful businesses through iconic brands, Martin Roll helps boardrooms to enhance shareholder value and create sustainable competitive advantage." - martinroll.com

Martin is one of our speakers during the second day of our National Conference. There were a lot of business minded delegates in the audiece so I guess they were able to relate to his ideas. He even gave away his book, Asian Brand Strategy, to the two people who have the most thought provoking questions.

Naturally, I asked. Haha! "I think that you have given us a perfect example of the shirt towards the creative economies. There's also this trend of social entrepreneurship. Do you see a relationship between the two?" My question wasn't thought provoking enough so I didn't get his book. 

Martin Roll is usually paid $25,000-$35,000 by the biggest companies in the world just to hear him speak. Good thing he was gallant enough to go to Ateneo and speak. He is so dedicated that he came from Hong Kong, checked in for two hours in Makati Shangri-la, went to Ateneo, then after his talk he went straight back to the airport. 

Visit http://www.martinroll.com/ for more info on Martin Roll and his book, Asian Brand Strategy

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