Jan 8, 2011

Glimpse of the Divine

Where do I even begin?

I'm laying in my bed right now feeling very at peace and content - something I had never felt in a long time. I breath deeply and in equal slow intervals. Maybe it's because of seeing familiar faces from the pages of my elementary and high school days, or being able to hear and sing mass songs which have been milestones of our youthful spirituality.

One thing, or more appropriately, someone has brought us all together tonight. "Da Mihi Animas Caetera Tolle" - give me souls take away the rest. Just typing it gives me goosebumps. Don Bosco's relic visited the Philippines and was brought last night to my high school for viewing.

It was a very solemn moment as we were lining up to view the relic. There's this mix of excitement and fear. When it was our turn to view the relic, I felt warm but numb not even remembering what I was supposed to say in my mind. I just stared trying to figure out something I don't even know what. It has that intensity that just hits you, but after it, you'd feel this presence - being touched by grace, a glimpse of the Divine.

It's amazing how this event triggered so much energy and inspiration from everyone. I doubt if Don Bosco knew that he'd be able to deeply influence the millions of people around the world.

A lot of people have been moved - from those who have known and studied him since Kindergarten (like me), to those who have just heard his name from an orgmate and decided to sacrifice a night and visit the Father and Apostle of the Youth. (Thanks JC for inviting them!)

I gave a small wish to Don Bosco in front of his relic - to land a job as soon as I graduate. It was very concrete and somehow demanded a full effort from me to send out my resume to hundred of companies. As soon as I got home from the relic viewing, my dad told me that I got in the top fifteen applicants that RCBC is going to train and I'll begin right after graduation!

(Backstory: the former right-hand of my dad is now the current right-hand of the younger Yuchengco. So I gave him my resume almost expecting nothing when he visited our house)

I was stunned.

Who wouldn't be? Skin me alive if I'm lying. Instances like these make me a believer in miracles and in God. Events like these make Him more concrete to us, allowing us to better appreciate his goodness and purposes. I'll sleep tonight at peace and content. Grace came upon me not to keep for myself but so that I can continue to inspire others. I hope you do too.

(1st Photo was the relic with Fr. Pascual Chavez, 2nd Photo from DB Ecuador, 3rd Photo by Ting Peralta in DB Mandaluyong)

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