Jan 27, 2011

Growing My First Bamboo Farm

I was having dinner with Anne yesterday and I was ranting my usual post graduation sentiments - what to do after getting that diploma? I also have this recent obsession with running my own business after graduation - I want to employ, not be an employee. I think my diva attitude won't do well with the corporate world.

So I was weighing my strengths and opportunities, and I just figured out my best option.

It's no secret that I'm an advocate of nature, but recent events prompted me to quit my position in an environmental NGO. But the good thing here is that I was able to get different exposures from an Australian philanthropist, to a South African perma-culturalist, to a Sri Lankan social worker, to computer-company-president-turned-ecovillage-grower Japanese... the list goes on. My point is, these people shaped the way I think towards money, the environment and sustainability.

I also happen to be a business major. I'm running a business with some friends - Soya Ice - and I like how we make marketing promos to boost the sales - I love making money. Also, my economics background more or less trained me to think of projects as a way to contribute to society and lessen poverty.

My dad, uncles and cousins also happen to be civil engineers and architects. They design and construct houses to schools to the big dams around the country. One of my cousins is even the senior marketing manager of the biggest construction supplier in the country for tiles, walls and ceilings.

My mom also wants to start up a new business, and there's that idle land in Quezon inhabited by Aetas.

So if I add all these information, my best alternative would be to grow my own bamboo farm. Think about it. Bamboo is the next big construction material. Illac Diaz use bamboo as a material for his classrooms. If i'm not mistaken, there is also and increasing demand for bamboo for raw materials. I want to grab this opportunity.

I asked my mom if he can lend me capital for this and the unused land in Quezon. She's on the verge of agreeing but I kinda need to produce a feasibility study. This should be profitable. So during my vacation this March, I'll look up some books, interview some people and visit Quezon province.

Maybe I'll work for Greenpeace for the mean time and learn from them like getting sponsors to fund my projects. I haven't figured out everything yet, but I'm so convinced of this plan right now. I hope it works!

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