Jan 16, 2011

From Investment Banks to Magazines to the Porn Industry

The million dollar question is, what to do after graduation? - easily answerable by people who have a family business to run or are going to Law/Medicine school.

If you were reading my previous posts, you would know that I got in the training program of RCBC - yes banks. I don't know how they'll deal with my finance and accounting grades, but at least I have a "job" waiting for me after graduation.

A few days ago, I got interviewed for an internship in Status Magazine. It's this badass publication that deals with music, lifestyle, events, fashion... very energetic and fun company. I'm planning to intern there for the whole March (since classes in my school will end by February). It's a way for me to "relax" before taking on a real job. They don't pay me there but I'll get free passes for their parties/concerts.

Let's back track a few more days. While eating in school, my blockmates and I were discussing the job opportunities out there in the market. There's always the option of setting up our own business. A few months/years from now, we are planning to open a bar/restaurant.

"Do you want to drive a Lamborghini?" Dondie interrupted
"Hell yeah!"
"Well, there's always the porn industry"
(blank face, then everyone laughs!)

How does one earn in a porn industry? Through DVDs? And where does one post an ad asking for models to do porn? I told them I'll be the one to handle the marketing or be the camera man. They can be the one to look for models, handle the finances and legal matters (in case someone sues us).

Tomorrow is the start of the job fair in school. I printed around 20 copies of my resume and 4 copies tailor-fitted for fashion companies. I just hope I won't get a job that pays me less than 22k.

On the other hand, there's always global warming and the Korean war. I'll probably wait for 2012 to be over before I look for a long term career.

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