Jan 23, 2011

Last Org Event

Friday to Sunday this week has been a blast! We organized the 7th National Conference and an International Party, and although I barely slept for the past three days, the enthusiasm from the delegates acted as our caffeine to keep everyone going.

These are some of the people who I will certainly be missing after graduation. I won't mention names, but I'd like to thank the people in my department who really stepped up to make this event a success! All the caffeine intoxicated nights and stressful meetings certainly paid off. 

It is certainly fulfilling knowing that you have been part of a team which organized an event that will help shape the minds of the future leaders and shakers of this country. I think the influence that our local and international speakers gave will go on for a very long time - immeasurable. 

I'll try to post as much article as possible with what happened during the event I'll also post a link where you can see the pictures.

Time to get that much deserved sleep! 

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