Jan 23, 2011

From New York to Paris to Manila

The perfect way to cap a week of stress is to have a great party with great friends! Ember City is our organization's relaunch party, the 7th National Conference after party, and also the Ateneo's biggest international party.

I think there was one point in the party where I thought I was partying in Europe with so many Chinese and Filipinos. There were really lots of foreign students, most are from France, and I think it's safe to say that they got their first taste of Filipino parties at Ember.

The party started to rock when the foreign students arrived (because they got lost in Makati.) Even though Ponticello is a bit difficult to find (even I got lost!), they have really awesome mixes! Apeach Martini and Vanilla Apparition for the win!:D

The man, and the women who set Il Ponticello on fire! Awesome party guys!

Now who said that a Harvard affiliated organization can't throw a badass party!?

-photos by Jet Garcia

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