Feb 9, 2011

Why We Go to Church

I saw this CD of "Tanging Yaman: Fr. Manoling's Favorite Hyms II" lying on my mom's desk earlier so I got curious. I'm now playing it on my laptop and it's surprisingly calming, although I had to turn down the volume because my dad might hear and tease/persecute me. Long story.

Anyway, the atmosphere it created reminded me of our philo discussion earlier - about rituals, specifically going to church. Some of you might consider it empty and non-scientific. Going on Sunday masses have become so routine that it starts to loose its meaning. In my case, the people do not participate in singing that's why the "celebration" started to become very dry.

(Picture of Don Bosco Makati Church below. I actually find it better than the one in Ateneo)

Makes me miss more our high school masses where it feels like a rock concert - drums are being played and you can feel the brotherhood among everyone, especially when we start singing the Our Father. I think it's one of the things that people really look forward to.

Rituals like going to church, beyond what your priest or theology teacher preaches, creates and establishes a community and togetherness. It gives you an affinity. Very practical approach right?

Maybe that is why people go to church when they feel alone, scared or unsure. More than providing a place of meditation to find answers from within us (very Buddhist), it comforts you by making you feel in union with a community. Your problems get lighter because you know that someone is there listening to you or at least you know someone might be there who also shares the same burden as yours.

I think this is a more critical and practical approach to why we go there to pray. With the proper framing and understanding, people will find more reason to visit this holy place.

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Shannon4444 said...

Excellent Post, I love your Blog. Church is a place to be yourself. What ever that is. At my church we believe we are a family of imperfect people who are all on a spiritual journey, and church gives you the freedom and opportunity to grow