Feb 16, 2011

School Politics

I'm not usually a fan of school politics (nor their initiatives) but it's that time of year again to vote and as my last year in college, I'd like to participate in this process (at least once).

I'm voting Drew Copuyoc as our student council President because in a world where image is everything, he is the best looking among all the candidates. He can carry the image of the Ateneo outside the school. He's also very smart (double major in Management Engineering and Economics Honors) He has the right management skills - a balance between logical decision making and understanding the needs of the people.

I was able to personally work with Ian Agatep last June. He's running for Secretary-General and he's perfect for that position because he has that unrelenting energy to serve. There's so much energy in him that is infectious and demands respect.  

I won't pretend that I read their platforms but practically and from my point of view, it's not just the projects that matter. It's the inspiration and influence that these people have that makes them worthy of the position. With them in charge, they can move the people and represent them rightly in school.

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