Feb 17, 2011

First Days of College

Here are some recollections of my first two days in Ateneo. It did not come from some blog I wrote three and a half years ago, but based from what I remember today.

It was a hot afternoon and we were asked to personally do the registration process for college. I'm not really sure how to do it and where to find the buildings. I'm in my plain purple collared shirt, deconstructed pants and pink & light blue chucks. I was texting Rex because I lost my "Primer"/ everything-one-needs-to-know-to-register booklet. Stupid me.

"Hello, where is sexy?", from a hot conyo girl in short shorts
"Uhm, sexy? I don't know e", I answered.
Then raising her eyebrows, she left. Now I know what she meant: SEC-C, where you had to line up to give your medical clearance/x-rays. I thought it was kind of a pick up line! Haha!

It's a bit intimidating because people know each other. These kids came from Ateneo High, LSGH, Xavier, ICA, Poveda, Assumption... We were only few from our high school and most of them went to the School of Science and Engineering. At least I had someone to talk to.

After registering, me and Rex went around to tour the school. It looked like a forest with its overgrown trees and small hills. I even heard that there was a lake (which turned out to be a pond.) This is going to be the toughest four years of my life. How am I to survive? I'll just do what Cady Heron did in Mean Girls - eat lunch in a restroom cubicle.

We are supposed to take a guidance test today with my whole block. This is the first time that I'll be seeing my blockmates. Oohh... exciting! NOT:| I was wearing a red plain collared shirt, rusted effect jeans and red chucks. I wonder how my blockmates would look like. We'll be together for the next four years, I hope they will look normal.

I entered the classroom and I was a bit late. We sat alphabetically. Beside me was this small dark guy who keeps on looking at me. He has a funny hair and I think he was even wearing blue at that time. This was Lyndon, and little did I know that he'll help me a lot in my academics; we are also co-owners of Soya Ice. Beside him was this gay-Chinese looking guy in brown stripes and slippers. This was Rob and it turns out he's not gay nor Chinese.

After the guidance test, Rex, Noel and I met up in Zen Garden to talk about some stuff. We felt hungry so Noel drove us to Robinsons Marikina to eat in Tokyo Tokyo. I remember both of my companions even ordered extra rice - how fattening.

The place looks like a mall from the province because the mountain is its backdrop. I usually go to Ortigas and Ayala malls so the environment was kinda funny to me. Actually, the whole environment of Ateneo is different from what I was used to. There were no buildings and the place really felt secluded. It will take a while for me to feel at home to this school.

February 17, 2011
Last day of classes tomorrow! I was walking around Ateneo earlier and thinking about all the friendships I made, all the failures and successes we shared and the unforgettable memories we had. I'm not exactly sure what to feel. Should I be relieved that all the academics will finally be over? I will definitely miss studying.

If there's one thing I have to remember for the rest of my life about Ateneo, it's the culture of Magis. You are not only content with what you can give, but there's always that drive to achieve something beyond your best. It is a continuous perfection so that others can rely on you to be their best.

Everything turned out great in the end. I won't say that I went through college effortlessly, but at least I didn't eat lunch in a restroom cubicle.

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