Feb 15, 2011

Who is Manila Kid?

Manila Kid dreams of rebranding the image of Metro Manila by highlighting the interesting quirks of the city – from its diverse people, to its peculiar places, to its mainstream and subcultures. We follow the very beat that keeps a Manileño moving and present it through three forms:

Merchandise: Manila Kid will have its own clothing brand where familiar and homegrown icons like the jeepney, Imelda Marcos, the University Belt, LRT/MRT, Luneta... will be reinterpreted into post-modern graphic designs. 

Community of Bloggers: A circle of regular contributors will write about the latest trends, fashion, music, food, art scene to practically anything in the metro. Featured personalities will also be interviewed to share their piece of mind.

Social Advocacy: Manila Kid will create a concrete impact in the lives of the city's less fortunate youth. We will partner with Tuklasan Center where kids are provided temporary homes and rehabilitation services (since some of these kids suffered abuse from their parents.) Every time you buy our shirt, a portion of your money will go to to the kids of Tuklasan. http://www.erdafoundation.org/services/advocacy-and-others/tuklasan

Manila Kid will have its own website - manilakid.com - where everything is posted.

If you are a graphic designer, blogger/journalist, student, investor, idealist or someone who believes and loves this city, don't hesitate to email us at neilpalteng@gmail.com or johnleynard_palteng@yahoo.com. We'd like to hear of what you think.

We believe that this is one step in giving a better home for the next generation, for the next Manila kids.


nicolethedressupdoll said...

This is positively amazing :) I'm looking forward to this Neil!

Neil Palteng said...

Thanks Nicole! We need people like you in this advocacy!:D