Feb 3, 2011

Chinese Enculturalization

Our Chinese neighbors were kind enough to share their luck and blessing this Chinese New Year. They rented three Chinese Lions and one Chinese Dragon to circle our street and scare the bad luck away. We even shook hands with them and I think I even saw them giving out ampao.

Chinese culture have greatly influenced the way we Filipinos live. Who hasn't tasted tikoy, siopao, siomai and bucci? Even our houses have baguas or Buddhas. Some of the biggest companies here in the country are owned by Chinese families. And you must have at least one Chinese friend.

If you look carefully, Chinese culture may have been more influential in terms of scope and duration than the American or Spanish culture. They are still present and living among us and somehow, we Filipinos have molded our geography and economy with them - not the other way around.

I think these lions and dragons will actually bring me some good this year. A few nights ago, I dreamed of counting cold hard cash which I will use to invest in some profitable business after graduation. Hope this comes true! Now I kinda believe that this whole feng shui and eating tikoy will bring good luck!

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