Feb 14, 2011

Manila Kid

I'm so excited for this post I don't even know where to begin.

My mom and I had a lengthy meeting earlier about my future plans and to cut the lengthy elaboration, she agreed to give me a loan to start up my own business, woohoo!

I'm a diva - I don't want to work for anyone. (although I'll still try to get a fun job like in a magazine) I'm also a budding philanthropist - so I want to provide jobs, and a patron of the arts so I try to support potential artists.

I've always mentioned this dynamic duo who were very successful with this tshirt company because it mainly targeted my highschool and its alumni. They practically monopolize the market and I feel bad that I wasn't the one who thought of it. 

So after much sulking in a corner of my room, crying my heart out with only a candle to comfort me, I got a plan. I'm going to start my own tshirt company!

I was also in fashion class one day and beside me was one of the owners of a tshirt printing business. I talked with her and she's willing to partner with me since they are also starting up. She's a friend of mine so it won't be hard to strike up a decent deal.

One of my friends expect me to change the world one day, so I'll start with Manila first. I'll be launching a tshirt company with my brother and the theme will revolve around Philippine icons twisted to the post modern and surreal realm. The design concepts are endless! Our brand will be called Manila Kid.

I'm trying to negotiate with an architecture student in the US to design for us. I've known him since grade school and he has mad skills to the point that I'm not taking no for his answer. (If you're reading this Don, I'm begging you to be our main designer! Haha!) Below is a sample of his work:

Amazing right? Makes you want to look forward to the designs of Manila Kid!

Backed by the Blogosphere:
Aside from the t-shirts, we are planning to come up with a website to show the latest designs of Manila Kid. It will also be a venue where young bloggers can contribute anything they want relating what's happening in Manila: from what's happening in campus, to their radical ideas, to latest fashion/ music/ food/ trends/ subcultures... They have to register to manilakid.com and we'll give them a tab in our site. It's one of our promotional strategies because some bloggers have a solid reader base that will serve as our potential customers. I guess it's also a way to promote blogging.

Making a Social Impact:
I'm also very keen on making a social impact and part of Manila Kid is to help the children of Metro Manila. We are partnering with Tuklasan Children's Home so part of our profit will go to them. They are sort of an orphanage that houses abused kids, and my cousins and I have conducted outreach programs for them.

I have the capital, the supplier, the designer, the marketing/promotions team/strategy and all I need is a solid concept. My brother and I will meet tomorrow to discuss the whole thing. I'll write the proposal in 1-2 weeks, finalize the deal with the suppliers, fix the website, create hype and start with the business - mostly online and bazaar selling first.

Below is me and my brother:
There are so much opportunities. I feel like it's going to be a very exciting year!

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