Feb 28, 2011

Getting A Job to Prove Something

Every single time that I ask my parents to drop me off for a job interview, they always ask me what company, what kind of job, how much will they pay me? I had a hard time telling my dad to drop me off in Folded and Hung earlier.

I appreciate the concern but it kinda gets annoying because I feel manipulated all the time. Indirectly, they try to direct my life at age 20 and you know naman our Filipino culture. Baka sabihin pang wala akong utang na loob if I tell them to bug off and let me mind my own business.

The truth is, they are the ones fixing my job for me. I got into this management training program of a reputable bank because of their connections. I talked with my dad earlier and he asked me to submit my transcript of records...

WHAT!? I got a freaking D in all my accounting and finance subjects. Those grades will destroy any chances of getting into a giant financial institution. But he told me to chill because my grades won't matter anyway. I hate that reply.

I'm not in a hurry though to look for a real job. I just like the thrill of getting a job before my smarter friends. Haha! I'd like to concentrate more on Soya Ice and Manila Kid until around June. Actually, I'm not considering a serious job until 2013, when the apocalyptic threat of 2012 is over. I just want to have a job where I get to go to the mall everyday and dress whatever I like to wear - even shorts.

My mom was the one who picked my course. She originally wanted me to do Accounting in La Salle - I really wanted Advertising Management there. By some chance, I'm now graduating from Ateneo - Management Economics (and I detest economics!)

How many times have I heard from my parents: "The decision is all up to you, but I strongly suggest you take this option."

I think it's time to consider what I really want. Even though I get 30,000 for a job in a bank, if all i'll do is cry after work and run to my accounting tutor for help, it's not worth it.

(Advice: writing out your rants can really help a lot . It clarifies your goals and priorities.)

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