Feb 10, 2011

Cirq Regal: The Runway Spectacle

It's always exciting to see so much energy in a runway. All the passion (and repression) of these designers showcased in one night is truly a spectacle.

I think for each designer/team, they were assigned a concept coming from the main theme - circus. Very interesting concept and I wished they could have thought something bigger and bolder with the props. 

Still kudos to them since they are just undergraduate students:)

Who do we have here? Is it Sasha Pivovarova? Natasha Poly? No, it's our long time friend Joma Bernardo. I heard he got one of the loudest applause because he worked F.I.E.R.C.E!

Now who doesn't love animal skin?

Aya Abesamis was there to grace the event. She's a friend of my brother and I remember dressing her up during Fashion Week several seasons ago. She's the model to watch for - one of the top models in our country right now.

Below is our neighbor and childhood friend Trish. She's also a photographer. We've known her since we were five years old but we don't talk to her much. She is sometimes blond and can be seen wielding a samurai while walking in our streets. Haha!

I'm looking forward to next year's event because my brother (I think) will be showing a collection there. Seeing all these pictures make me restless with the upcoming fashion week and our report for my fashion merchandising class. Yikes!

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Honey Andrade said...

It was such a beautiful show! :)

Blogged about it too! :) http://networkedblogs.com/e76Tf