Jul 28, 2010

Resting Your Tired Senses In Art

You are bound to be drained if you have 2 classes in Economics and Theology that directly deals with poverty. So it's just timely that I went to the Ateneo Art Gallery (since I still don't have time to go to Ayala Museum for Olivia d'Aboville's exhibit) today to recharge and find some inspiration.

I asked my friend, Kenneth 'Pale-Boy' Javier, to accompany me even though he's clueless about art in general.

There were a lot of interesting displays. I get attracted to pieces that stimulate the senses - something you can actually taste, smell, hear and feel - beyond just seeing it.

Kenneth keeps asking me why I particularly feel sad whenever I looks at this piece - something that can't be explain by reason or logic. Maybe it emits a subconscious sadness.How about you?

This reminds me of an ear that cannot hear, or a voice that wants to be heard. It's shaped like an ear but the place where it's supposed to be are covered by steel plates.

This reminds me of a highly convoluted and violent dream. I hate it! But it has the power to attract the viewer, it draws you and grows into you.

I won't write about every single piece.

I'll just show you guys the pictures.

Ateneo has a good collection from Zobel, Ang Kiukok, Manansala, HR Ocampo, Legaspi...

I've been viewing their works for years, but I kinda still surprised myself when even from afar, I can distinguish who painted which painting:D

If you are feeling down and depressed, it's good to get your thoughts lost in an art gallery.

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