Jul 15, 2010

Art Room

People don't believe me when I say to them that I paint. Who would think that an Economics student minoring in International Business and would soon be taking Law (crossing my fingers) can paint? In a world that highly values specialization, is it a sin to be multidisciplinary?

(bottom left: Baliko - still unfinished, inspired by the victory of Noynoy and the way he chose his cabinet members; center: Untitled - still unfinished, i dreamed last year of my mom and me, i was still a kid and she was teaching me to walk at dawn while it's drizzling and we're under an umbrella)

Even though I write, sometimes words aren't enough to contain the emotion/energy that is welling up from within so instead of cussing or sulking in one corner of the room, blaming the universe and its servant - time - i just paint.

And it's a good exercise of discipline and creativity. We always want to rush everything and in painting, you just cannot do that. Beauty can never be rushed - that's what I always say to people.

Top to bottom, left to right: Trinity, Kislap, Untitled, Genesis Man, Untitled, Plato's Allegory of the Cave, Teenage Nostradamus, Cinquenta (gift to my mom.)

This one below was a gift. My dad really wants this painting since it looks like her mom - my lola that I never knew.

Krista's Soul - behind the color and fashion is an angst that eats her soul

Manny Pacquiao - boxing champion but with a brain of a caveman.


The Rape of Mother Earth (unfinished)

I still have a lot of stuff in mind to paint but we are all at the mercy of time.

I was not doing anything yesterday because of the brownout so I played with the new SLR, and instead of having a photoshoot of me and my brother, I shot some of the paintings in our art room - where paintings (water color, acrylic and poster), wire and plaster of Paris sculptures, mixed media works and magic are made


anne said...

i like your artwork neil! :)

Neil Palteng said...

thanks anne!:D