Jul 23, 2010

My Senior Bucket List

We had this thing called the Senior Integration Program "Paglunsad" earlier and we were asked to write our bucket list. Here's some of mine:

Before I graduate, I'd like to...

1) Appear in a tarp / poster

2) Spend a day in Tagaytay with friends

3) Wear harem pants, winged shoes and fur hat to school (not all at the same time please!)

4) Give my blue rose to my crush (hihi! as Isa suggested)

5) Treat a street child to lunch

6) Lose 10 pounds!

7) Be a vegetarian for at least a week

8) Have at least one of my paintings published in our school's art portfolio (i'm finishing one tonight)

9) Have a creative photo of me in every landmark in school

10) Train a soon to be great leader...

Bonus: Get stranded in school

Above all, I just want to get my NSTP done!

And actually, I still don't want to graduate. If you've been reading my blogs for the past years, you'll notice that I'd usually write about things that happened in the past. I think there's just to much to miss in Ateneo:(

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