Jul 26, 2010

Dad Calling the Media Against the Water Company

I overheard my dad last night threatening the poor call center dude from the water company that if they won't fix the huge hole in front of our house (which they drilled) he's going to call the media and sue them or something!

I was already at school earlier when I realized I forgot my memory card for my camera so I went home. When I arrived, there was actually this lady news reporter and a camera man from ABC5 interviewing my dad's spoke person aka former driver turned pseudo politician!!!

I have no picture of the actual interviewing because they were packing up as I arrived home.

My dad actually called the media to investigate this catastrophic hole in front of our house. In a matter of minutes, I saw vehicles from the water company parking in our area and there were engineers/ feeling special people in front of our house!!!

I just got home and there are still people in front of our house drilling, welding, sucking the water with their noisy machines... etc. My dad wants to get this done quick because last time, we paid roughly 25,000 pesos because of the leak. That's like having a pool!

The noise is really irritating and I still have to do loads of stuff. And we do not have water right now!!!:((

It's interesting to note how institutions quickly respond if you use the media against them. Will they respond this quick if we didn't as the intervention of news report on TV?

I didn't get to watch the telecast on TV because I was at school. Haha! Hope someone saved it in YouTube:D

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