Jul 28, 2010

Getting More Hands On

After preparing for weeks and cutting around 1,800 calling cards,

and packing 180+ member kits (with lanyards, newsletters, business cards, button pins...),

and ordering 24 boxes of pizza,

we were able to pull of this FIFA themed general assembly for HPAIR.

I'm glad that I'm part of an org that directly interact with its members.

I used to be a VP for a national org by the Salesians and it was kind of mundane job since you just decide on some projects without really knowing the members of each chapter. It's almost the same with my environmental org right now, we just amend administrative policies and allocation of funds with people whom you can't understand well because of their accents.

I hope this will be a good year for the org and our members! :D

I'll try to get more hands on this time:D and not just delegate all my jobs to others. I actually miss the stress of cramming for an org, it makes me more alive:D

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