Jul 20, 2010

Marking God's Love

Joey Velasco and I knew the same child saint statue back in high school. It was there when he bullied someone back in his time, while my friends and I ate our lunch there.

I just heard earlier that he has passed away.

Two years ago, we followed him for weeks for a theo class project...

we went to his house for an interview and a tour of his studio...

The paintings that were not being exhibited were there.

After he told us about his bullying childhood phase, law school dreams and the sacrifices that his father made, he narrated how he began to paint - because he got really sick and depressed.

He has wonderful kids and a very lovely wife. His maids even gave us halo halo during the interview.

Joey Velasco left a dedication in my book: Marking God's love with a fellow Bosconian (since we both went to Don Bosco.)

He may be gone but he what he left us is something really inspiring. His painting made Jesus more relevant and more felt by us Filipinos.

And personally, he was the one that inspired me to paint. May he rest in peace.