Jul 22, 2010

Animals and Intestinal Monsters in School

I screamed two times this week because of giant frogs. As I was walking along the carpark after attending Rajo Laurel and Amina Aranas' networking session, there was this giant frog which jumped out from god knows where!

Then as we were shooting for a promo material near the new lib, there was again another giant frog (there are actually 2) which was swimming on the fountain/wishing stream.

They probably put the frogs as pest control, or a Siopao restaurant has stopped importing frog meat so they just throw these critters in school.

I just realized that if you sit anywhere near a tree, there is bound to be an insect somewhere who's ready to invade your personal space.

They crawl in you shoes, pants and even Louis Vuitton bags...

There's also this interesting art piece crawling in front of the art galleries. Some call it a caterpillar, but it looks more of a body made of intestine.

If you'd stare at it for a while, your senses will get stimulated. You'll feel itchy and uncomfortable. Metaphorically speaking, it tastes like blood.

But in fairness, we may not be an art school but the administrators (or whoever was responsible for putting that huge exhibit) are trying to make our campus stand out above the rest - in a weird and good way.

Now tell me, does any bio/medicine school have a two-storey digestive system display?

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