Aug 1, 2010

Since I've Got Shit Loads to Do

I just finished reading Malcom Gladwell's Blink and there's this one chapter where he mentioned that one can know a person very well based on what his room or bag looks like - without even seeing him actually. So here's some of my must have's in my school bag:

Bag Content:

Nine West Wallet - since I don't buy any wallet, i just grab whatever's available in my dad or mom's closet

Pens - sign pen and a green pen is always a must have

two Samsung Phones - i just like carrying two phones and i don't know how to use those complicated ones (Blackberry and iPhone)

Tarsier coin purse - I love fur, and ain't it so cute?

Global Warming Survival Handbook - since i'm (trying to be an) environmentalist and it's the latest book i'm reading

iPod + Audio Technica Earphones - a must have to drain the noise of the outside world

the Bible aka my journal/planner/organizer - everything I need to survive everyday

Canon Digital IXUS - i don't leave the house without at least one camera for information gathering and event documentation.

Rayban Vintage Wayfarers with leader frames and gold trimmings + Oakley Kickstand eye glasses - I am useless without my glasses since I'm astigmatic and i need sunglasses that are big enough to cover my glasses in case the sun is shining too bright.

Accessories - easiest way to adapt to a trend. These are some of my favorite accessories: bracelet from South Africa, Gap ADMI(RED) leather necklace, and fish bone pendant necklace.

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